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Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation(Official Trailer)

The owner of Hotel Transylvania, Count Dracula is back with mayhem! And this time, it’s all about a summer vacation creating havoc and making you roll with laughter. Sony Pictures Animation has released the third installment of the franchise, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. Dracula boards the cruise with his buddies for what he thinks […]

Animated Medieval Comedy Series ‘My Knight and Me’ to be shown

CAKE has announced a slate of sales for animated medieval comedy series My Knight and Me created by French producer Team TO and Belgian producer Thuristar. The latest broadcasters to join the medieval mayhem include Hulu from US, UYoung from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan; YLE from Finland, SVT from Sweden, Televisió Catalunya […]

Life Smartphone:Chenglin Xie’s 2017 Student Academy Award Winner

Chenglin Xie’s 2017 Student Academy Award Winner and shorlisted for the 2018 Academy Awards. The phenomenon of increasing smartphone addiction can be attributed to today’s cutting-edge technology. Staring at glowing screens instead of exploring the vast expanse of life, people are gradually alienating themselves from the richness, depth, and loveliness of life. you can see […]

10 important Tips from DreamWorks for creating storyboards

Storyboards are an extremely useful tool to have in the pre-production process. Simply put, storyboards are comic-like drawings used to show shot layouts and composition. Big budget features have artists specifically hired to make storyboards for the film, but most indie-filmmakers have to do the job themselves. If your drawing skills are anything like mine, […]

Trailer: Top upcoming animated feature film 2018

Here are the top upcoming animated Movies for the first half of 2018 00:03 Hotel Transylvania 3 01:35 The Incredibles 2 02:26 Peter Rabbit 04:40 Isle Of Dogs 07:14 Early Man 09:28 Sherlock Gnomes 11:43 Duck Duck Goose You can see the trailer here:

The storyboards made by PIXAR

STORYBOARD Storyboards are a hand-drwan version of the movie and serve as the blueprint for the action and dialogue. Each storyboard artist receives script pages or a “beat outline”, a map of the characters’ emotional changes that need to be seen through actions. Using these as guidelines, the artists envision their assigned sequences, draw them […]

What Is A Storyboard And How to Make a Storyboard?

When you make a video for your business, be it a demo video, a sales video, a training video, or any short online business video, planning is extremely important. One of the most important stages of planning out your video is creating a storyboard. A storyboard is a graphic representation of how your video will […]

“Duck Duck Goose” was released in China which was produced by the Chinese animation production company

“Duck Duck Goose” (chinese name妈妈咪鸭)was released in China on 9th March,2018,which was produced by the Chinese animation production company.It will be released on 20th April in theaters in USA. A bachelor goose must form a bond with two lost ducklings as they journey south. Director: Zhao Rui(chinese),Christopher Jenkins Storyline Peng is a freewheeling bachelor goose who’d […]